The art of making steel has been refined throughout the centuries, but the heart of the process has remained true.

North Star BlueScope Steel continues this traditional art form by combining modern engineering with ancient technology to craft high quality steel.
The electric arc furnace is a twin shell, twin shaft AC design. Scrap is fed into the furnace through a pre-heated shaft. The furnace produces 190 tons of liquid steel every 40 minutes. It is engineered to allow continuous feeding of scrap and pig iron, which optimizes energy and reduces cost.
The ladle refining furnaces are designed with 18" electrodes, powder and wire injection, alloy conveying, argon stirring and calcium stirring. The ladle refiners are designed to control chemistry, steel cleanliness and temperature resulting in the optimum slab quality and throughput.
The slab caster produces a medium thick slab, 4.1" (102mm) thick X 41.55" to 61.5" (1055mm to 1562mm) wide. The slab caster is fitted with a conventional rectangular shaped mold, electromagnetic braking, and hydraulic mold oscillating to optimize slab surface and internal quality.
The rolling mill is engineered with eight stands; two roughing stands and six finishing stands. The eight stand configuration offers more controlled reduction strategies to improve surface, shape and ductility. The rolling mill has two vertical edgers and three descalers to provide improvements in yield and a cleaner surface. The finishing mill stands are equipped with roll-bending which provides superior crown and shape control.
The laminar flow run out table is designed to control coiling temperature to assure uniform metallurgical properties. Coiling temperatures are key to producing ductile material and consistent mechanical properties. The down coilers are equipped with hydraulic side guards for improved coil presentation.